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Live an unforgettable experience

When each inspired dish tells a distinct story with each meal, it’s predicted that you’re in for a unique culinary adventure. Let all your senses be free and rejuvenate in an idyllic setting as you enjoy the incomparable view of the Aegean Sea.

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Enjoy incredible dining experiences

With inspirational design and relaxing ambience, along with a fascinating culture waiting to be explored, Sirocco is an ideal base for wanderers ready to embark on new adventures.

Serving an inovative cuisine that combines methods and elements from the island’s native culinary tradition with the purest ingredients ready to offer guests a multi-sensorial experience in every dish.

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Embark on a journey that will leave you feeling completely revamped and rejuvenated. Walk into the tranquil ambience set in an idyllic location which is designed to bring balance and tranquility to each and every individual.

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