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Enjoy these unique dishes! Made in a special way… Just for you!

At Sirocco’s you will enjoy a beautiful Cycladic environment and you will adore sitting on the terrace stretching along side the beach.

Going three small steps down and you can cool yourself in the infinite Aegean blue.

These are unusually hard times for all, so we’ve decided the know – how of a restaurant should be the whispers or the laughter of friends, the tantalizing aromas rising from our dishes and the wine fragrances emerging from the open bottles.

This concept led us to create recipes with fresh ingredients and to choose the accompanying wines with care.



We believe it is essential for a restaurant to use local fresh ingredients, and become an important pathway among tastes, scents and excellent melodies.

Our personnel are extremely friendly and willing. Our dishes will gratify your palate and the warm environment we’ve created will satisfy you.

We are expecting you!On the beach of Paleohori you will find Sirocco’s. It’s a restaurant of unique and intense personality with an exceptional traditional cuisine, ready to fulfill your gastronomical expectations.

At Sirocco’s you will taste fresh Aegean fish and home-made dishes cooked in a wood-fire stove.



In Paliochori in several places there is a volcanic activity.

One of these places is in our beach in front of our restaurant, where they are growing high temperatures 102°C, suitable to bake food.

At night we put “bury” the hulls with food in the sand & in the morning when we take the food, is ready.

The meat takes about 8 hours and the fish, depends on weight, 20-40 minutes.