Sirocco Restaurant, located at the seashore of Paliochori is an impeccable choice for lunch and dinner in Milos

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With inspirational design and relaxing ambience, along with a fascinating culture waiting to be explored, Sirocco is an ideal base for wanderers ready to embark on new adventures.

Serving an inovative cuisine that combines methods and elements from the island’s native culinary tradition with the purest ingredients ready to offer guests a multi-sensorial experience in every dish.

Discover a unique way of experiencing gastronomy while relishing traditional dishes that excite the palate and fill the heart.

With the volcanic beach activity and rising sand temperatures up to 102°C at Palaiochori beach, guests are invited to experience an impressive cooking technique where food is baked by burying pots of marinated meat or fresh fish in sandpits allowing them to be slowly cooked in the heat of the sand during the night and ready to be enjoyed by the next day.

Another unique experience at Sirocco are the tantalizing and authentic homemade dishes infused with smoky flavour on the onsite wood-fire oven are inspired by the colors, scents, textures and sounds of the island. If you can’t decide on a starter and a main, opting for the sharing menu is a great way to sample a number of the great dishes on offer.

The restaurant’s open-air dining area along with the glowing ambience and beautiful surroundings, combine a fun and casual beach atmosphere ready to welcome all its guests either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ideal for a romantic night or an intimate evening with friends, Sirocco is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset while you wine and dine under the starry sky.

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